Craig’s Meats & Catering LLC is a family owned and operated butcher shop. We make old fashioned sausage and jerky, using modern processing techniques.

The founders of Craig’s Meats Gary and Emily, began their business in 1980 with their children Brian and Sherry. They started by butchering on the farm, but this practice has nearly been regulated out of existence. Later, with the help of an old friend they started making sausage. “Our friend was retiring so, he lent us his equipment and expertise.” Not long after we started making our own products. At this point we were only licensed as a “Not for Sale” plant, meaning that the meat that we processed could not be sold. In 1984, we rented a second location that was fully licensed where we started doing wholesale products. In the slower months we used our license to begin a catering business. By the early 2000’s we expanded our business to sell to convenience stores and local grocery stores. This brought our fine products to a growing community of shoppers. We have continued to expand our business to the surrounding areas. We have seen a great deal of change in the local food scene and we are proud to be playing our part in helping to alter tastes and perceptions about what food should be. Come visit us in person to experience Craig’s Meats & Catering LLC for yourself.